The specific groups that make up our coalition  we may use different language (e.g., #CopsOffCampus, #DivestInvest #PoliceFreeSchools, #DefundDisarm, etc.). Consistent with the demands of those in our respective communities, we collectively demand the following

  1. We want ALL cops off of ALL campuses. 

The first part of this demand means all forms of policing and police involvement. This includes ICE and Border Patrol, local PD, campus PD, school police officers, and other Memorandum of Understanding arrangements that enable the entry of police formations into campus spaces. It also includes arrangements that direct campus and housing support staff and other personnel responding to people who are experiencing various forms of crisis to the police. The second part of the demand refers to all spaces of education, including K-12, community colleges, universities, seminaries, vocational schools, and so on. Every space of education should be free from police. 

  1. We demand the Land back

We are in solidarity with the Land Back movement, which “is a movement that has existed for generations with a long legacy of organizing and sacrifice to get Indigenous Lands back into Indigenous hands” across north and south Turtle Island. Their campaign’s second demand is “Defund — white supremacy and the mechanisms and systems that enforce it and disconnect us from stewardship of the Land. Police, military industrial complex, Border Patrol, ICE” and their third demand is “Return — All public lands back into Indigenous hands.” All police have no jurisdiction on sovereign lands.

  1. We demand a campus and community that are truly free and safe for all

Freedom and safety come from equality and empowerment: we demand free tuition, food security, access to housing, fair wages for all including student workers, and the devolution of administrative power. The campus community demands a deliberative process to help implement these changes, alongside practical models of safety and community-based care already well-established and well-known. 

This list is a living document and will be updated as fits the needs of the collective.

Last updated May 1, 2021